Sheryl Willis – Co-Director

Sheryl Willis comes from a teaching and speech language background and she has easily transferred these skills into teaching correct singing techniques and leading the SouthCity Soundz Chorus. She also has a background in Dance, and ran a dance school in her early years. Having joined Sweet Adelines through South City Harmony Chorus over 15 years ago, she quickly showed her expertise and musical ability taking on the roles of Section Leader, Choreographer, and Assistant Director. Sheryl took on the role of Director of SouthCity Soundz in 2010 and has been attending many professional Development events to up-skill her for this role.

Cheryl Weijermars – Co-Director

Cheryl has come to Barbershop singing from a Classical background. Having obtained Grade 5 Singing through Royal School of Music, she sang as a soloist for many years at Weddings, Funerals and other events. After completing a Teachers Diploma through Modern School of Music, Cheryl taught piano, guitar and music theory for a number of years at South Auckland Primary and Secondary Schools. Before joining Sheryl Willis as Co-Director in February 2015, she had experience in directing school choirs. In 1999 Cheryl found barbershop singing and fell in love with the beautiful harmonies, and has been Lead Section Leader and Assistant Director until taking on the role of Co-Director.

Sharon Mabey – Assistant Director

I wanted to “step up” my singing and found SCS in 2004. While in the bass section I enjoyed singing those sultry, full notes that only the bass section can sing. In 2013 more baritones were required so I made the move which has challenged and developed my singing more. I joined a quartet in 2015 and also accepted the role bass section leader and assistant director – it’s all a wonderful experience.


Fleur DeFarias- Team Coordinator

Fleur comes from a teaching background at a management level so organisation comes naturally to her. This is her second stint in this role. She joined SouthCity Soundz in 2004 having previously spent 18 years with a light opera club and has sung in the chorus of many musicals. However it is only through this chorus that she has learnt how to sing properly and loves the barbershop craft. She also loves the friendship and support she has received from this wonderful group of women, the opportunity to travel to different parts of New Zealand to compete in an annual competition and the ability to upskill through coaching from New Zealand and American coaches.


Sue - Financial Coordinator

I have enjoyed listening to many styles of music ever since I was a child, and like most people I often sing along to the car radio. Apart from a short time in a school choir, I had never sung in a group until I joined SouthCity Soundz. I had seen another Sweet Adelines chorus performing a few years back and thought it looked like fun, so decided to take the plunge! Not only was I delighted to find that my lower range voice was a good fit for the bass section, but I have also made a number of new friends among the chorus members. I played cello for a few years when I was at school, so that has helped me find my way around the bass clef. I enjoy the challenge of learning the notes and words for new songs and committing them to memory, as we sing ‘off-paper’. So now I sing along to learning tracks rather than the radio when I am driving.


I took on the role of looking after the chorus finances last year, which keeps me busy. I have also had the opportunity to travel to various New Zealand cities and even to the USA to watch other choruses perform, or compete with my own chorus.